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Personalise your wedding style, like Gemma & Tom at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Aligning wedding styling, wedding florals and bridal flowers for the entire event.



Guest tables - so many wedding flowers options! It's important to consider the look of the venue when designing the  table arrangements. If it's a very large, high ceiling space, it's usually nicer to have taller florals in order to fill that space in. Or you could do it via  suspended florals  or an installations (see below). You can have floral runners, centrepieces in vases, or tall stands, clusters of various vases of flowers together, or even alternating two designs across all the tables (if there's a lot of them!)

Bridal table - usually a separate rectangular table facing out towards all the guest tables, it's nice to have something low on the tables themselves, so it doesn't hinder the view of the bridal party and guests.

Installations - hanging florals, hangling flowers, suspended florals, a feature cascading piece, garlands strung from one side of the room to another... so many ideas, and a great way to make an impressive impact upon arrival for everyone!


Wedding planning and Styling- Concept & Design

Although our specialty is wedding florals, wedding flowers and wedding bouquets, many of the weddings concept and design is a collaborative process with couples.

Collaborating with brides and couples ensures we create the wedding concept and design of your dreams.

We simply have a consultation, working through all of your wedding must-haves, we tailor your design & concept board to your budget and the team work tirelessly to deliver.

Creating original wedding concepts & designs collaboratively within your budget.

How the process works…

  • Theme conceptualisation
  • Design Board
  • Décor,prop and furniture sourcing
  • Tablescape Concept
  • Flower Design
  • Style Check List
  • On site Installation and Packdown
  • Supplier and Venue Liason
  • Unlimited client contact time

We have a large range of props and vases available exclusively to our clients, working to ensure that wedding flowers, wedding florals and bouquets all work together.

Consultation: Complimentary